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Hi. My name is Dairrell Ham, and I design and build great looking blogs for entrepreneurs like you who need a professional web presence but don't have the time or don't WANT to do it themselves.

Did you know that most self-built blogs never get off the ground?

That’s because most people get stuck trying to figure out how to do stuff.

They end up Googling how-to articles, watching videos and visiting forums, wasting a lot of their valuable time trying to put it all together before getting frustrated and quitting altogether.

Realistically, how many people have the time, technical expertise and creativity to create a functional, professional-looking blog out of thin air?

Setting up a professional blog is harder than you think. Just take a look at what's REALLY involved:

  • Designing a clean, easy to navigate layout for your visitors.
  • Creating a professional-looking logo
  • Creating a color scheme and branding. (People do judge a book by the cover)
  • Installing WordPress, choosing & configuring plugins, themes and settings
  • Learn how to "please" Google with speed and security enhancements so that your site loads quickly and is safe for visitors
  • Creating functional forms that allow visitors to contact you and subscribe to your mailing list easily
  • Creating the right navigational menus
  • Adding the required legal pages to make sure your site meets legal requirements of yours other countries
  • Adding social media integration that will help with free traffic to your site

Which is why I created a personalized service to design, build and optimize a unique blog that will give you a professional web presence and build your brand.

So Why Should You Use MY Service?

I've been building blogs for years, and for the past six years, I've been building blogs for a well-known online company. You probably know their name and their products well. I can't mention their name here due to contractual obligations, but suffice to say I've created hundreds of blogs for their customers.

That means their name and reputation are on the line every time I create a new blog for their valuable and trusting customers.

So I'm honored with their trust and I work hard to make sure each blog meets their high standards.

And after 350+ total blogs delivered (my own customers too), I know what it takes to build and deliver a blog that you'll be thrilled to own.

The bottom line is, I can do it faster than you can do it yourself. You'll be up and running without all of the headaches, time and money it will cost you if you try to do it yourself.